Auditions for Chœur Maha are held at the beginning of the new season. This is usually at the end of August and/or the beginning of September. For the 2018/19 season, auditions will be held Tuesdays August 28th and September 4th.

If you are interested in adding your voice to the music of Maha, please click on this link  Please note: Maha Community is a less demanding way to be a part of our community.  It is currently open to former Maha singers.  Auditions are for potential new members of the Chœur Maha and Maha Community.  You may read more about Maha Community by scrolling down.

A Maha audition usually takes between 15 and 30 min.  We look at this as a mutual process where you are also determining whether you feel comfortable with us. There are usually 2 or more Maha members to welcome you, and 2 or 3 Maha members with the artistic director to run the audition part.  You will have time to ask questions of us. You will do a vocal warmup with others, and individually you will:

  • sight-sing a simple melody (with piano guidance)
  • learn one part of a simple choral piece (with Maha members)
  • sing at least one verse of a song of your choice a capella (you can have fun with this one, and use it to show us your favourite style of music)

Since this is a choral experience, you are not being judged on having a "solo" voice, but more on ability to blend musically, follow a score and instructions, and be part of a group experience. We look forward to meeting you.

The cost for regular Maha is $200 a year.  Maha Community is $50 a year. 

Maha values inclusion of all and believes that the fee should not be an obstacle in trying the audition. 


Maha Community

Since 1991, Choeur Maha has been so much more than an innovative, skilled and devoted choir of women.  Maha is an amazing community of friends, activists and artists who support and inspire one another.  Maha is also a feminist force for change in this city—bringing our special brand of performance to protests, marches and other gatherings around Montreal and beyond.

Maha Community is a way for former Maha members to stay more closely connected.  When you join, you are invited to rehearse with us once a month from 7 pm until 9:30, you are always welcome to our after practice drinks, you are always informed and invited to perform in our extra gigs and performances.  

who can join?

Any woman who has been in Maha in the past and/or has passed an audition for Maha. The Maha Community repertoire will include old Maha classics, songs which are accessible, fairly easy to sing well, and our favorites to perform at community events.  Many former Maha members cannot make the significant commitment to weekly rehearsals, practicing difficult material at home, weekend retreats and demanding concert weeks but still want to sing and be connected to Maha.  

what can you expect?

  • an invitation to rehearse at Oboro the last Tuesday of every month (7 pm to 9:30 pm)
  • pdfs and some mp3s of our core Maha repertoire (approx 8-10 songs)
  • a chance to experience our new artistic director, Megan Batty
  • news and invitation for extra gigs (ex: International Women’s Day)
  • an invitation to join us at the bar every Tuesday night as of 9:45 pm
  • a opportunity to participate in our concerts
  • a sense of belonging to the wonderful entity which is Choeur Maha

how do you join?

sign up on our website.  Here is the link
Pay $50 for the year’s membership in Maha Community. ($200 to be in regular Maha).